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Moutrie — —“father of the origin of Chinese pianos”
Originate from the century-old brand from England in 1849

  • Moutrie is the earliest high-end brand of England,
    In the 1950s, Britain’s piano manufacturing technology has been taking the lead in the world.

  • British merchants established the first piano factory in China at Boashan Road, Zhabei, Shanghai, marking the start of the brilliant history of China’s piano
    manufacturing industry. Steinway, a contemporary brand of Moutrie, abandoned the workshop-style manufacturing and purchased land and built factory in Queens.

  • MOUTRIE became brand of COLLARD Piano Company and enjoyed a ready sale in England.

  • William Moutrie, founded of Moutrie piano succeeded in moving the production base of Moutrie piano to the piano factory in China,
    and the products enjoyed a ready sale across the world.

  • After the Lugou Bridge Incident, previous employees of Moutrie Piano Company with
    their exquisite craftmanship moved to Nanjing to continue manufacturing Moutrie piano.

    Nanjing Piano Factory, namely Nanjing Moutrie Piano Co., Ltd. was
    established in Nanjing. This company carried forward Moutrie’s high-end
    production, and at the same time, it introduced advanced piano
    manufacturing technology from Germany to lead to Moutrie’s rapid
    development in China. Moreover, Moutrie had a brand-new Chinese
    name - Mo De Li.

  • Until now, Moutrie has been developing for more than 100 years. The essence of the manufacturing technology of Moutrie piano has infiltrated into Chinese piano forever and has influenced the piano creation one generation after another. Nowadays in an age when numerous European brands are on the decline, Moutrie still remains dominant.