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Key words�

Steiner is produced for enjoying life


    We have never stoppedmaking innovations

    To meet the pursuit of Chinese music lovers for individualized and high-quality musical instrument and meet the market need of foreign dealers for high-end piano playing, Schumann launched the full series of top brand - Steiner in 2014. Steiner inherits the German traditional artisan craftsmanship of over 160 years. With the strictest standard configuration, we are in pursuit of acme and are challenging perfection.


    In 2016, the first Steiner piano was separately exhibited at the US NAMM international exhibition for musical instrument, the international exhibition for musical instrument in Frankfurt and the international exhibition for musical instrument in Shanghai. As soon as it was displayed, the piano has attracted the high attention of professionals and master pianists at home and abroad.


    Steiner is producedfor enjoying life

    Music is both a type of sound symbol and a wholesome and endless journey. As a complicated musical instrument and the king of the world’s musical instrument, it is closely related to life and gives expression to rich and elegant tone. Therefore, it has long been regarded as a perfect musical instrument for expressing music. By playing piano, pianists reflect the reality, express their ideas and thinking, their life and feelings, affording listeners a wonderful enjoyment.


    From the advent of piano, judging the excellence of a piano depends largely on the degree of expressing the pianists’ feelings and ideas without disturbance. When touching the first key of a Steiner piano, a journey of creation for art and life is started. The Steiner piano is characterized by lively pizzicato, beautiful tenuto, accurate trill and deep accent. This delectable work of art will give full expression to whatever you need. The sound of its music is sometimes passionate, sometimes noble and elegant, sometimes ingenious and strange, and sometimes smooth and melodious. Steiner will bring absolute incomparable enjoyment to your music creation and artistic dream.


    Attain the goal and exceed the goal

    As an innovative brand, Steiner piano sticks to its original intention, keeps making innovation and is strict in quality without relying on the brand background of a long history or advocating foreign strategic cooperation. With advanced technology and high music standard, we have created a value-added piano with high-level performance level, so that everyone can enjoy the supreme and most outstanding artistic music.