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Key words�

Produce piano through core technology; define music through piano


    We are the first in establishingan institution of our own

    In 1956, Nanjing Piano Factory, as one of the five earliest piano manufacturers in China, took the lead in introducing leading piano manufacturing technology of Germany and established an institution of its own for the purpose of developing high-quality pianos. After repeated calculation and debugging by highly experienced and craftsmen and designers of superb skill, the first Schumann piano was successfully produced in 1984. Through development of merely several decades, Schumann piano has quickly won the approval and good graces of piano players on the strength of excellent tone and sense of touch. Now Schumann and other related brands have registered trademark and have been sold in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, turning Schumann into a international brand in the real sense.


    Our high standard guarantees
    Schumann piano will give wonderful performancein any conditions

    As a professional German piano, Schumann piano adopts the strict European standard for piano production. At the same time, it establishes higher standard according to specific production condition and the customers’ actual environment, which is directed at bringing about zero defect during production and making sure Schumann piano will perform to its best advantage in any weather conditions. Schumann is bold in innovations and strict in quality, and it has kept forging ahead continuously in terms of turning out perfect, high-quality road.


    Being strict with ourselves is aimed atprotecting the environment in a better way

    Over the years, we revolve around the relation between men and nature, actively thinks the interaction between wood and metal, and persists in bringing about wood selection, storage, drying and processing conducive to the sustainable development of the forest industry, which is aimed at making sure the materials are used in the most stable and desirable way. Besides, we have taken into consideration the concept of sustainability when choosing either the top spruce in Tibet or fish scale pine native to China, or the beech, spruce or pine imported from Europe.
    In the meantime, Schumann gives up large-scale production. Instead, we stick to the production line featuring smaller quantity and better quality and apply strict material selection standard. Schumann uses the best wood, environmental-friendly wood glue and paint, employs processing technology with low emission and does its best to protect the natural environment for renewable resources.


    We strive to make the “piano sound more life-oriented”

    Music and life are closely related. Schumann believes that music should be enjoyed by everyone. Piano, as the king of the world’s musical instrument, can interpret and express music in a diverse way. Life-oriented music sound is Schumann’s ultimate goal of piano production. We hope to turn playing piano into an indispensable part of our life. We also hope music can accompany us in any state and the piano sound can influence our life.