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Maintenance and repair

  • Maintenance and repair

    Thank you very much for choosing Schumann piano. Here, we will briefly introduce you to the piano maintenance and maintenance of the relevant knowledge. At any time, our local distribution agents, technical service centers and factory professional and technical service staff are very willing to provide you with the most professional advice and help.
    Piano is known as the "king of musical instruments", is a large, sophisticated, high-end musical instruments, environmental conditions and how to maintain their daily maintenance performance, acoustic quality and service life. Good maintenance not only allows your piano to achieve the best performance, but also effectively extend its life. For your better use and maintenance of the piano, I would like to introduce you to the note:

  • Environmental temperature and humidity

    The temperature and humidity control of the piano environment is very important. Excessive dampness or excessive drying makes it easy for your piano machinery to be partially lost due to expansion and contraction, or even malfunction or damage!
    Most of the piano production materials are natural materials, these materials will change with the external environment and affect their own performance. Although the Bosnian piano carefully selected wood has been specially treated, greatly reducing the piano due to external environmental impact and change its performance performance probability, but if the piano is too long (higher than 80%) or too low (low In 30%) of the humidity environment, it will make the piano inside the fine parts of the expansion and contraction changes, affecting the overall tone and feel. Therefore, we recommend that you try to provide a relatively stable temperature and humidity placement for the piano. When the summer rain season comes, please pay attention to close the doors and windows, open the air conditioning dehumidification function; when the winter heating open, the room is too dry, please use humidifier to increase air humidity, to ensure that the piano can be placed in a relatively stable environment and use.
    Recital high-end professional piano, the music requirements of the room is very strict, the ambient humidity to be controlled at 40% -60%, temperature 20 ℃ -25 ℃ range. The general family is difficult to achieve constant temperature and humidity of the environmental conditions, but also you should be the best temperature and humidity control in the 40% -70%, 15 ℃ -30 ℃ range.

  • Piano position

    Try to avoid placing the piano in the heating, the stove side and the air conditioner can blow directly to the place, as far as possible away from the heat source, and properly maintain the indoor ventilation; long-term direct sunlight, will lead to piano paint surface cracking, fading and other adverse consequences. So make sure the piano is not exposed to direct sunlight, it is best not to be placed in the door, windows, balconies, fish tanks, humidifiers and so on.
    Please do not put the back of the vertical piano with the wall close to the place, it is best to leave the wall about 10 cm distance.

  • Tuning and mechanical finishing

    Regardless of whether the old and new piano is playing, its string system and the string and other components will be affected by the external environment changes. Xinqin at the factory although has been a number of times the regulation, finishing, making the string system string tension evenly distributed, pitch quasi-stable, mechanical transmission part is also more sensitive. But due to the handling process caused by vibration and environmental temperature, humidity, constantly changing, will inevitably lead to many parts of the piano within a certain change. So, when you buy the piano after the arrival of the home, if found to have significant changes, please notify the service technician on-site service; if no significant changes in the use of a few months later, and then better maintenance. Because after a period of time playing with the mechanical running and then tuning and finishing, will make the piano pitch and mechanical action more stable.
    Regular tuning and simple mechanical adjustment, can stabilize the tension distribution of the piano string system with the strings, the sensitivity of the keyboard. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly arrange at least once every six months for your home piano. If the piano is not idle for a long time, please try to do every year on the piano for a tuning maintenance as well.

  • Moth

    Piano use a lot of wool felt material, it is easy to be insects bad. You can hang camphor balls at both ends of the interior of the vertical piano, or spread out several perforated camphors around the bottom of the piano. The grand piano can place the camphor in a place that does not affect the vibrations of the sound board. Do not use any pesticide spray. If you find the insects, please contact the local Schumann dealer professional pianist to deal with.
    In the course of the use of the piano, in case of various problems, please call Shu Man piano customer service phone:
    400-850-0118, we will be happy to serve you.